Thursday, 6 July 2017

Ina's Kite

Kia ora butterflies,
On Wednesday 5th July, I have finished making my kite and it was really fun and I was so excited to fly my kite. Here is a photo of what my kite looks like. It was really hard to tie the ropes so can't fly away. When I started flying my kite it went really high and I saw people gasping and I didn't know why they were gasping for? People from other classes were looking out us flying our kites. I have to attach the ribbon at the bottom so when we fly the kite the ribbon will be floating into the air. My designs was a Chinese symbol, a purple NIKE, a pink ice block, Some rainbow designs on top of the Chinese symbol. Here is a video of me getting stuck into the kite. Also here is another video of me flying the kite.


  1. Bula ina,
    I like your photos so much can you please write somemore things about it.
    From your best friend Mandita

    1. Thank you Mandita for the lovely comment and I am gonna miss you so much because we will never see each other because I am going camp. Again thank you for the amazing comment.

      From your BFF INI

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