Friday, 12 October 2018

Interesting Facts about 'Part of Australian beach vanishes'


LONG TIME NOO SEE..... So in today's blog, I want to share you guys something that's part of homework. So I went on Kiwi Kids News and I saw this interesting article that I REALLY!! I wanna share with you guys. There was a large section of an Australia Beach and it has suddenly fallen into the ocean due to erosion (Erosion means the process of eroding the wind, water or other natural agents.) This event took place at Inskip Point in Queensland on Sunday (LAST LASTq Sunday).

In the 3rd incident of its kind in some of the recent years. In 2015, a sea creature or type of distances swallowed a caravan, tents and also cars. Then now the officials said NO CAMPERS or property had been affected by the latest event. So they urged people to avoid that area because it might happen again? (I'm guessing)

If you want some information (Umm I think I actually wrote EVERY information from the text) Here's the link

Part of Australian Beach Vanishes
Here's the image:

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  1. Hi Ina,
    Great job with the blog. I am sure Hay Park students are all high achievers.
    Keep it up and greetings from Bay of Islands

    1. Kia Orana,

      Thank you for the comment. It was really fun posting this in the holidays and I get to see some facts about it. Next time when I go to Australia I am going to tell my aunt or uncle about the beach. Hope I can see it or it doesn't exist? I don't know cause I haven't been there. But oh well!
      Thanks for coming on my blog and can't wait to explore some other things. See you LATER!
      ~ Ina