Monday, 17 September 2018

All Blacks beaten by South Africa

G’day bloggers, 
Today I’ve been reading an article that was on Kiwi Kids News.
I read an article which was about how the All Blacks got beaten by South Africa.
Yesterday on Sunday 16th September, South Africa beat the All Blacks!!
They won a dramatic championship game.
South Africa scored 36 and All Blacks scored 34.

The weird situation happened in Wellington in New Zealand. 

What was your reaction when All Blacks lost the game? 

Thank you for reading my blog. If you want some more information here’s the link.
All Blacks beaten by South Africa


  1. Hi Ina
    Ilove your work next time can you check the sides because the writing is going on the side.

  2. Hey Ina,

    Wow, I have found out a lot about the game especially cause I didn't watch it. Your blog is very satisfying and you did a great job.

    From Fehi