Friday, 24 November 2017

All about Enid Blyton (Reading Group)

Bula Bloggers,

Today I am telling you guys about someone that is the name of our group. She is a lady and she is someone that lives in East Dulwich, London, United Kingdom. Her name is Enid Blyton. She was born on the 11 August 1897 and she died on the 28 November 1968 in Hampstead, United Kingdom. She makes many books like at least 15 books for the kids and the adults. She gone on 4 TV Show and she been on 2 Movies. She has 2 girls name Gillian Baverstock and Imogen Mary Smallwood.

Here is a video of us doing some facts about Enid Blyton. My teacher filmed us and my group did really well but we had to speak much more louder.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and comment down below to give me some feedback and I will change it. 

Your Sincerely Ina


  1. Good job Ina keep up the good work you did your best
    I love you

    1. Dear Paris,
      Thank you for that wonderful comment and yeah I actually did my best but thank you for the comment and god bless you and have a wonderful day.

      From Bestie Inangaro
      xoxo love you

  2. Hey Ina
    You did wonderful in your video with your group and.You did everything right and good and I also like your clear voice have a great day Ina
    From Chrislynn

    1. Dear Chrislynn,
      Thank you for that wonderful comment and you inspire me a lot and hope you are having a wonderful day and god bless you and your family and bye.

      From Inangaro