Sunday, 14 October 2018

Homework DONE!!

Hello everyone,

YESS finally I finished my homework TODAY. I had one more day to finish my homework and I am now free (well the past few weeks haha). Now that I finished my homework I don't need to continue to do it because even though I really hate homework I still love typing (FOR REAL I LOVE TYPING). As you can see that I have finished the top row of my homework (I don't have to finish every single one because it's a BINGO homework) If you wanna visit my class site here is the link and if you wanna see my class blog here is the link.

I am so happy that I finished my last homework and I am alive and I can do whatever I want (but no I can't because tomorrow it's a school day)!

Catch you guys next time for another blog post! BYEE
Sincerely Ina

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If I was a type of meat?? (Food Critic)


So this is part of homework (as you guys might know) so I chose about 'If I was a type of meat', and explain what I like/dislike it AND also how to describe it.

So my favorite food or meat that I like eating is fries. 2 things I like about fries/chips. Number 1: I like it because it has the crunch when you bite into it. Number 2: It's so yummy and I like the taste when it's in my mouth.

1 thing I dislike about the chips/fries! 1 thing I dislike about the fries is that they have a burn on the chips and when I eat it it's so disgusting and it makes me vomit. Even though it's gross I still love fries/chips.

How to describe it?
They have a thin and thick type of fries. You can see them in the New World and Countdown (I mostly see it in the New World). The color of the fries is yellow and golden. The thin fries feels very skinny and when you bite into it. It's very small on the sides and long like a rectangle. The thick fries are a little bit fat because when you feel it it's like you are touching a stick but how soft it is. People put salt on the fries because it's so nice and it just tastes like heaven.

Thank you for reading my blog post and today is Sunday and tomorrow is Back to School!
Are you happy to go back to school or no? My answer is NO! because I love school holidays cause that is the best times to relax and have sleepovers and having fun. But we have to learn (Still don't wanna go back to school)

Ka Kite Ano
Sincerely Ina