Thursday, 20 December 2018


Kia Orana World, 

How was everyone's holiday going? I am missing school so much I want to come back to school. School holidays going alright, because that I have been having a boring holiday and a fun holiday at the same time. Last week on Saturday I get to spend time with my BEST FRIEND. Her name is Mekilini, she is one of my best friends :) We went to this Christmas party that was so much fun. We were wandering around the place and we get to play games, watch people dancing, get some food (fun fact is that the food is for FREE). We got some free goodies and we get to get our presents. We get to enjoy watching the people dancing while we eat our food (YUM). After that Christmas party, Mekilini's dad picked us up so we can go back to her house because that she is having a sleepover at my house!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! The reason why she was coming to my house because that I am going to Rarotonga, Cook Island on the 25th of December and she came over to spend some times with me until I go to Rarotonga, (after the sleepover) I took Mekilini back to her house and I get to play with her brother and I had so much fun because we were playing water fights. I got soaked but that was ok because I HAD THE BEST DAY OF MY WHOLE LIFE.

Well my that is it for today because my fingers hurt (OUCH) 
See you guys next time BYE!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Setting Sail in NZ - 12 days until CHRISTMAS!

Kia Ora bloggers,

Today Megan from Summer Learning Journey came into my class and talked about this activity that we are gonna do. So the activity was to write a letter about myself sailing to NZ. Here is my letter... 

Dear Natasha,

Today I decided to set sail to NZ. I was getting very nervous and I don't wanna leave my home island (Cook Island). I packed everything in my suitcase and chucked everything in there (Like how I chuck my food in my lunchbox). I was rushing to the Waka because we got lazy to pay the fair for a PLANE so we went on the Waka (Waka means boat if you don't know that). I jumped on the waka with my suitcase and then we got departed from home island.

It took 12 hours to arrive in NZ. My stomach was HURTING, I vomit in the ocean, being annoying, looking for food, DAYDREAMING. FINALLY.... After all those times I'M FINALLY IN NZ. It looked like peaceful place, people were welcoming us that made me feel welcomed. Then I realise that NZ was now my... NEW HOME :o.

That is it for today.
See you guys for a new blog post!
Also don't forget, register for Summer Learning Journey so you can get the prize.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Creating Christmas Tree - Day 3

Kia Orana World,

Day 3! :)

Today our class was doing a task that is very cool. We have to try and create a Christmas tree. We can use Google Drawing or Google Sheets. But one thing that we can't do is that we can't copy an image from Google and we can't paste it cause that is stealing someone's work. You can use polyline so you can trace things as well (did you know that?) I used the polyline so I can trace the present.

Here is my HARD work.

Blog you later peeps.

Christmas Tree Re-search Task! (Day 2)

Kia ora bloggers,

Day 2! :)

Today's task was to do some research about famous CHRISTMAS TREES!! :o This is going to be a short blog post. Something easy I learnt from this task is how to7 find all the information.

Here is my google drawing

Here is my work. Hope you enjoy if you wanna see the tree or the link here it is.
Christmas Trees

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Christmas Cultures! Day 1

  Hey bloggers,

Today's task was to do '10 days of Christmas' challenge (what I meant to say is that we have 10 more days before school holidays). We were doing this because in the school holidays some people are going to do.... SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY. SLJ is when you blog about things you learn, like your favorite subject at school.

Anyways here is my slide:

Hope you enjoy it

Friday, 30 November 2018

Zone Athletics!

Malo lelei amazing bloggers,

Yesterday was the best day in my life!!!. Some of the Hay Park students was chosen to go to Three Kings where the Zone Athletics was. I had a lot of fun attending there and one thing you should know is that it was my first time going there (WOW YOUR A LUCKY GIRL). The schools that we VS was Waikowhai Primary, Halsey Drive, Hillsborough, Mount Roskill, Three Kings and other schools I forgot! I attended to go to the relays (75m and 100m). I tried my hardest to run as fast as I can but Mount Roskill Primary GIRLS!! are one of the fastest schools that I have raced before.

BUT I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS!!! Hay Park didn’t win :( Because Hay Park will win because the Year 6 people won’t be here in 2019!

Bye peeps see you guys next week

Here is a photo of me running. (I'm the one with the blue t - shirt and white shoes)

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Rocketship Acting Show (Kiwi Kids News)

Heyoo bloggers,

In Parekowhai class our task today was to do an act. If you are wondering what type of act.. We have to go on Kiwi Kids News and we need to have an article and we have to make an act of it. The reason why we were doing this because it sounds very fun and my teacher (Miss Berry) wants us to see your performance and how great we did! In my group were Fehi, Mekilini, Simon, Yazmine, Sariah, Kanishka, Brooklyn, Mansour and Faisal. In my opinion, I thought we did AMAZING!! because that we were having a great time acting and it's SUPER FUNNY!!. To improve next time I think that we need to be focused on the act, no LAUGHING, and we have to get it right.

My favorite part about the act is that I get to be the rocket ship and it was so fun because that my best friends Fehi and Mekilini lift me up and I saw the whole classroom up high like I'm on the sky (not VERY HIGH). One funny part about our act is that Faisal was next to be the rocket ship and then Zion and Simon was trying to lift him up and HERE IT COMES........ He was about to fall down and his reward was doing the ROCKSTAR HAND and then he fell HAHAHAHA.

Well that is for today! Thanks for reading and if you wanna see the article here is the link.