Friday, 25 May 2018

Casu Marzu Cheese

Kia Orana Kotou (Hello everyone),
For today's post I will be showing you guys something that will make you gag. So years ago there was this cheese that was made in Sardinia, Italy and they are call Casu Marzu Cheese, to be honest they are the worst. My class were doing some research on this cheese and when we took a look at the images we saw something that wasn't suppose to be in there!. So they are little white things that start with the letter 'M'. It's really DISGUSTING. Have you got it. It's MAGGOTS, I know Maggots. I was very shocked that there were Maggots in there. When I go to Sardinia, Italy I am never going to taste there cheese.

So here is what my class and I created but I am going to show you mine. You can go on my classmates blog because they did the same thing.

Now you the why that I don't want to taste there cheese like NEVER IN MY LIFE!!! So umm if you see the image YouTube I think it's going to work or not going to work because I am going to put the link and see how it was made. (Ask a teacher for permission, but if you are at home WATCH IT, or not)
YouTube Video Of Casu Marzu
Now do you know :) but please don't taste this cheese if you come from Italy. Because I WOULD SHED TO TEARS IF I TASTE THOSE CHEESE!!!!.
Thank you for reading and looking at my Google Drawing about Case Marzu Cheese hope that you enjoy what you have experience on my post.
Blog Ya Later, Alligators

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom Quiz! (Also Welcome Back :) )

Hello Blogger World,
Welcome back, I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a long time because I had school work and stuff. So here is a post that I want to share with you all! I made this presentation that I created/made since like 3 weeks ago or maybe 2?. So I wonder if you guys want to try out my quiz and see if you like it or maybe!?.

So here is my quiz and here is the school logo, my title, who it was made. So try it out and see what you think about it. If you have ever heard of There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom... AWESOME!. But if you haven't that is good because maybe you may get to know some of the characters, some of the stories and more.

Did you like it?
Thank you for playing my quiz and hope you like it. I worked really hard with this at school/home. Give me some feed back of what should I put in my quiz and I will edit it and make it much better.
Blog Ya Later, Alligators.

Friday, 24 November 2017

All about Enid Blyton (Reading Group)

Bula Bloggers,

Today I am telling you guys about someone that is the name of our group. She is a lady and she is someone that lives in East Dulwich, London, United Kingdom. Her name is Enid Blyton. She was born on the 11 August 1897 and she died on the 28 November 1968 in Hampstead, United Kingdom. She makes many books like at least 15 books for the kids and the adults. She gone on 4 TV Show and she been on 2 Movies. She has 2 girls name Gillian Baverstock and Imogen Mary Smallwood.

Here is a video of us doing some facts about Enid Blyton. My teacher filmed us and my group did really well but we had to speak much more louder.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and comment down below to give me some feedback and I will change it. 

Your Sincerely Ina

Monday, 20 November 2017

Athletics Day

Athletics Day

Kia Orana Everyone,

If you guys don't know what is Athletics Day is... it's a fun game when you do some activities. When you do something nice like worshiping your team or cheering for them you get a point. We did Athletics Day last week on Monday. Athlectics Day was at Hay Park School at the field. My team was Red and the others were Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red of course. My favorite activity have to be Tug Of War because there was Boy vs Girls and the girls won. There was kinda a little bit of girls like 7 or 5 and there was lots of boys like 10 or 9. The girls won because we have older girls from Room 9 and 8, *even room 6*. Our team did okay. We did good at every game but me. We were doing some high jumps and this is the funniest part. The pole got higher and higher so I ran and went underneath the pole even though I had to jump on top of the pole. Our team chant was this " Give me a R, R you got your R you got your R, give me a E, E you got your E you got your E, give me a D, D you got your D you got your D. What does that spell 'RED', who's gonna win "RED!", who is the best "RED!" , YOZA. Our leader was Ms Taua. Her quote was "Keep doing what you do and win"

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy and I know this is a lot of writing but hope you gusy still like it.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Task Card ( People Should Stop Putting Bad Comments)

Kia Orana Bloggers,

Today I am going to be writing about "People Should Stop Putting Bad Comments," this is a Task Card. Please don't put hate comments on my blogs because I worked so hard on it and I don't want to restart all over again but you can tell my spelling mistake and I can fix it all up. So for today I was doing some CyberSmart with Gerhard. He teached us something that is really cool and you MUST try it. It is called FlipGrid and it is that best and you can also design yourself and it is really cool.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Who is Having a Great Holiday

Kia Fantastic Bloggers,

Ina here, who is having a great and awesome HOLIDAY!!!!! I know I am. I want to know what you guys did in the hoildays. Comment for what you guys did and I will reply the fabulous comment that you have posted. I am just writing this because I haven't been on my chromebook in a couple of days. So today I am blogging about the holidays that you guys did. 

SO in my holidays I went to the movies and watch the Emoji Movie. It was the best movie I have ever watched in my whole entire life ( that was in Wednesday 4 October). On Tuesday 3 October I just stay home and sleep all day because I was really busy doing some Cross Country and you CANNOT believe. When I was doing Cross Country the place was really big and it was a really big rounded circle tiring and so I just did 1 lap. Also for the rest of my hoildays my mum said I have to come with her and she said something about a church and we are going to stay there for 3 days because I Mama past away on Friday 6 October. It was really sad and my cousins and I cried super hard also my Aunties, Uncles, Mama and Papa's. 

That is all I can tell you guys and again comment what you are doing in the holidays. 
Have a great and fantastic holiday.

Ka kite anau

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What is Collaboration?

Kia Orana bloggers,

Today I am writing about my What is collaboration. It is a smartness thing that we did with Gernard. He is our cyber smart teacher and he comes to our class every Wednesday. Look down at my writing that I did about What is Collaboration.

Thank you bloggers for looking at my What is Collaboration. Please comment and I will reply your wonderful and respectful comment.

 Your Sincerely Ina