Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Rocketship Acting Show (Kiwi Kids News)

Heyoo bloggers,

In Parekowhai class our task today was to do an act. If you are wondering what type of act.. We have to go on Kiwi Kids News and we need to have an article and we have to make an act of it. The reason why we were doing this because it sounds very fun and my teacher (Miss Berry) wants us to see your performance and how great we did! In my group were Fehi, Mekilini, Simon, Yazmine, Sariah, Kanishka, Brooklyn, Mansour and Faisal. In my opinion, I thought we did AMAZING!! because that we were having a great time acting and it's SUPER FUNNY!!. To improve next time I think that we need to be focused on the act, no LAUGHING, and we have to get it right.

My favorite part about the act is that I get to be the rocket ship and it was so fun because that my best friends Fehi and Mekilini lift me up and I saw the whole classroom up high like I'm on the sky (not VERY HIGH). One funny part about our act is that Faisal was next to be the rocket ship and then Zion and Simon was trying to lift him up and HERE IT COMES........ He was about to fall down and his reward was doing the ROCKSTAR HAND and then he fell HAHAHAHA.

Well that is for today! Thanks for reading and if you wanna see the article here is the link.

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