Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Author Presentation!


WOW Hi bloggers,
Long time no see!! :o Sorry haven't blogged in a long time. My apology cause our class have been very
busy from the past few weeks and FINALLY here I am on my blog :) Here we go

Our task yesterday was to find some information about our author and share it to the rest of the class.
The reason why we are doing this is to practise to search up information was DR. SEUSS. In my group
were Rhia, Fatima and Mose. In my opinion it went very AWESOME. Our average score was 21 (21/25).
We were a tie with my friend Kanishka’s group (The David Walliam Group). To improve, next time I think
we should need to make more eye contacts to the class/audience.

Did you enjoy my presentation? Let me know in the comments ⇩

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