Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Wild Thing Creation!

Kia Orana my typing monkeys,

Ina's back. So for today's blog post I'm sharing you my creation that I did with my class. So before we were reading a book called 'The Wild Things'. My teacher Miss Berry showed us her creation of the wild thing that she used with Polyline. A polyline is a thing (dont know what it is and I cant explain it sorry) where you can move it but you have to click and then move it to where yo want it to be or something like that.

Here is my creation of the wild thing. Also that my class and I did some writing about the wild things. It's simile and metaphors. Here is it

So here is it. As you know that you can't see my writing so maybe you can zoom in so you can see it better.

So thank you for coming and looking at my blog. I appreciate you coming and visiting my blog and I have 1 question to tell you.

Have you read the book 'The Wild Things'? Well I don't know because i'm not in your school (HAHA). Thanks for looking and visiting. Come back for some more new blog post!

Ka kite ano


  1. Hi Ina, WOW! What an incredible piece of writing. I also love your Wild Thing illustration. I can tell that you have worked super hard on this. Your drawing matches your writing well and helped me make a picture in my head of what he looks like. My favourite part was when you were explaining that their fur is as prickly as a man's beard. A very cool simile for sure. I have read Where the Wild Things Are. Even as an adult, it is one of my favourite books! How would you feel if you met a Wild Thing? Would you be nervous or scared? I think I would be at first, but then I would also enjoy crashing through the forest with them! Keep up the AMAZING blogging!

    Ngā mihi,

    1. Kia Orana Gerhard,

      Thank you for your lovely comment and I also agree that I did a great job, and I will be so soo scared if I see a Wild Thing in real life.

      Thanks for the comment.
      By Ina