Friday, 3 August 2018

Why Do We Have Goosebumps?

Kia Orana my typing monkey's,

Today's blog (Part 2) I want to share you guys my Google Drawing (AGAIN) about why we have goosebumps? Well my google drawing will share you everything about why we have goosebumps? Like the same one as the Fog!!!

So here is my facts and google drawing about why we have goosebumps!!!

If you can't see it properly, maybe that if you know how to ZOOM in you can see it properly and it's very easy to see better.

Thank you for reading and coming to my AMAZING blog post. Hopefully that you might know why that we have goosebumps!
Come back again so you can see some NEW blog post from MEE!!!
Blog Ya L8r! 

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