Monday, 2 July 2018

Aboriginal Inspired Artwork

Good Morning/Good Afternoon Bloggers,

It's me Ina. Today I am going to be sharing you my Art Evaluation. It's called a 'Aboriginal Art.' It's a story about a Rainbow Serpent (which is a snake). Parekowhai Class were doing painting about the Rainbow Serpent and it was SUPER DUPER MESSY on tables and on UNIFORMS!. 

Anyhow, on Thursday 28th June it was CULTURAL DAY (my favorite day of the year). Students get to wear their cultural clothes that represents their island/country. I saw some Tongan, Samoan, Niue, Indian, Pakistan and more. I am a Cook Island/Maori/Samoan and I wore Cook Island clothes because I am Cook Island. (not going to be writing SO MANY cause I am too lazy). In our Cultural Assembly 4 girls (including me) were saying the speech or something like that. Then everyone hold up their art just so the people can see what we created.
Here is my Evaluation though:

Thank you for looking at my work. Comment down and give me some feedback about what I should change and make it BETTER!

Blog Ya Later Alligators!

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  1. A clear evaluation, Ina. Well done. You represented Room 6 beautifully during the Culture Day performance. Thank you!