Tuesday, 3 July 2018

How to do Perimeter/Quiz

Kamusta Bloggers,

Today's task that I want to share with you is my Perimeter Quiz which I am VERY proud of. I am proud to present this work because it's super easy. Perimeter is where you measure STRAIGHT shapes not curves because it will be hard to measure with a ruler/trundle wheel/ measuring tape. So I am going to be sharing you my slide (which confirms my perimeter slide). This is my DLO (stands for Digital Learning Object)
Here it is!

Hope that you enjoy this and finding some interesting things you like learning about.

Did you like the quiz?
Have you ever done Perimeter?

Thanks for looking at my Perimeter
Sincerely Ina


  1. Kia ora Ina,
    I LOVED your quiz - it was informative, put together really well and I loved your positive feedback when I got an answer correct. I can tell you have worked really hard on putting your DLO together. Have you learnt how to measure the circumference of a circle? Keep up the great work and sharing.
    Ngā mihi nui

  2. Fakaalofa lahi atu Ina,
    Wow, this was a great task and interactive experience your quiz. I liked how when I got the question wrong I was able to go back and re-think my answer and change it. I also liked that your questions were clear and easy to follow. It is very clear that you have put a lot of thought/effort into your blog. Keep up the awesomeness and sharing. Mrs Haioti Wesley Intermediate Room 5