Friday, 6 July 2018

Goodbye Term 2

Shalom Everyone,
Today is the day that Term 2 has ended. It was such a adventure and was very fun and all but WISHIING THAT WILL NEVER END because Parekowhai Class get to wear mufti and GO TO THE FLYING FOX. We met friends like from Waikowhai Intermediate. Hopefully that Term 3 is BETTER that I want it to be!. FUN, PLAYING GAMES, ART, GONOODLE, SPORTS and more.... Hay Park and other school will be having 2 WEEKS HOLIDAY! YAY!!!!!!!!. At home I can sleep all day without sleeping early and getting ready for school (believe me it's SUPER BORING ANNOYED when it comes to get ready for school!)
My teacher and her friend (Ms Huys) did some short footage and they didn't record it until 1:00 they did like 20 sec or 12 sec.
Here is a photo and a video of me playing at the Flying Fox

I chose the Flying Fox and my bestie Kanishka chose Mufti. Best day ever! That is the best way to end Term 2. Also I want to say Goodbye to Miss Tau. She had been here for 2 years and she is a hard working teacher. O le a u misia oe ma ou to alofa tele ia to oe.

Goodbye Term 2. 
I will be doing blogs until Term 3 and also when school is starting because I want to say hi to you guys.

See Ya Later everyone :(

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