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Kanishka, Mandita, Gargee and I

Gargee and I

Mandita and I

Kanishka and I

Fehi and I
Here are my BFF'S Mandita, Kanishka, Gargee and Fehi (ignore the boy) Sorry Aryan. They have been my BESTIES since 2016. I love spending time with them and love playing with them. It just gives me memories when I look at the pictures because I am always thinking that they are my sisters!. These photos are in 2016 and remembering how little we were but still miss that class (Setoga Class) *sad face*.

Who should I start with? AHH got it.

Fehi: Fehi is this girl from Tonga. She has very long hair like Rapunzel. We've been best friends for 3 years (haha). She is SUPER funny and she makes people laugh. She has lots of friends (including me) and she has a good sense of humor like the rest of my friends and our friendship will never end. Fehi and I are in the same classroom with Kanishka and Mandita but not Gargee because we are seperate (DON'T ASK WHY).

Kanishka: Kanishka is a Fijian, Indian. Kanishka has been my best friend since 5 years and we are finally Year 6. Kanishka is the person that makes me laugh A LOT! (also Fehi) and I always laugh at the wrong time! when she says 'AAAIIII' I LAUGH STRAIGHT AWAY. Kanishka is taller than me and she has a laughing humor and she is such a CLOWN when it comes to make people laugh (MOSTLY ME). Kanishka and I are VERY CLOSE like the rest of my friends despised our LAUGHING! I love her so much like a sister.

Mandita: Mandita is my BEST FRIEND. We've been BFF's like FOREVER and we are Year 6 and we are STILL BEST FRIENDS. She has always been there for me whenever I am feeling BLUE. Our friendship is VERY CRAZY because we get to do everything together in class. We are always sitting next to each other (Well she is sitting next to me right now). She is like my sister to me and I wish that happened.

Gargee: Gargee is my BEST BEST FRIEND who is from Nepal (but she is actually born in America). She is VERY smart and she makes me happy when I am down like MANDITA. I love playing with her when my other friends are playing somewhere else. Gargee is very funny and she makes these funny faces that makes me laugh SUPER HARD! She is like a CLOWN like KANISHKA and FEHI because ALL 3 OF THEM MAKE ME LAUGH!. So anyways I am honor that I get to be her BEST FRIEND and when we separate intermediate school we will always remember each other (we will try).

Thank you for reading my blog post about 'My BFF's'.
Question for the day: How many BFF'S do you have?

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  1. A very vivid description of your friends and why they mean so much to you - well done! Make sure you cherish your memories forever. It's important to have such good friends in your life. A great blog post, well done.