Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Fancy a Glitter Pizza (Kiwi Kids News)


Today I am telling you guys about this very interesting pizza that was on Kiwi Kids News.
Here is a picture of it.......
The country that made this very uhh good?? pizza was in America, Los Angeles. So far the people in America says that the Glitter Pizza is VERY POPULAR! but maybe in New Zealand if I tasted it I will spit it out! Because they have glitter and I do not want to eat it (YUCK). But WAIT little did I NOT know that they said in the text that it is EDIBLE glitter! (what that is insane) I haven't heard of edible glitter before but maybe you have? So kids about 2 years old are LOSING THEIR MINDS because of the pizza and the taste to it. So their parent's buy 70!!!!!!!!! boxes of pizza (I rather not eat that much or else I will et fat and I do not want that).

Would you rather eat this pizza??
Good night everyone (time: 8:42)
Sincerely Ina :)

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