Tuesday, 10 July 2018

What I did in the holidays?

Bula Vinaka Bloggers,
It's Term 3, YAY!!!!! 2 WEEKS HOLIDAYS! finally get to have my freedom and get to sleep in!
What did you do in the holidays??? well..... On Saturday 7th July, I went to my BFF Mandita's house for a playdate.

At 9:10 (the time I woke up) I woke up very excited because I remembered that I was going to my BFF'S HOUSE! I left the bedroom and then hug my mom good morning. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs/bacon/toast and our drinks was MILO!.

After finishing breakfast I washed my hands and wash my mouth cause there were crumbs and stuff. I turned on the shower and waiting for it to be warm (do you ever get the feeling that when you turn your shower to warm it's cold?) FINALLY that the shower is warm I hoped in then wash my face and brush my teeth because you have to be clean in the morning or if you are going somewhere!

Now that I have finished shower I was SUPER cold!!!! I was freezing some much like Jake (Titanic). FINALLY WARM I came out of the bathroom and then went inside in the changing room and put on the clothes that my mom leave for me to wear. I have extra change in my backpack so that I get to go to the games with Mandita (Xtreme was the place).

At this moment Mandita, Miraj and there dad picked me up. There car was super nice and it was WAY BETTER than my car (so sorry CARLOS, get it). Meanwhile, we arrived at Mandita house. YOU CANNOT TELL HOW COOL AND BEAUTIFUL HER HOUSE WAS!. Miraj and Mandita gave me a house tour and they have so many cool things and I FINALLY GET TO MEET HER CAT ROCKY! I met their Nana and she was SUPER DUPER beautiful and nice and she gave me a hug (what a lovely nana) and I get to see Mandita's room and UGH it's like my dream bedroom! She has a Smart TV, piano, she show me her GODS, Toys/Games, Coloring Books/Felt Tips/Coloring Pencils/Crayons and more.....

Mandita's dad came back from somewhere and we had lunch. For lunch we had KFC (YUM) and I was talking to them about my day what was I doing at school with Mandita. It was a little bit weird because Mandita's nana and dad talk Hindi because I usually understand Cook Island but that was TOTALLY FINE because it's their culture and I can't disrespect their culture (but luckily I know ONE word from hindi or hindu?) Nae means YES in Hindi. After the DELICIOUS LUNCH Mandita and I went back in the room and then she was turning on the Smart TV and I was playing on the piano. She was very nice that I get to play on the piano and I am happy that I get to have a BFF like her <3.

I finished playing on the piano (because Miraj turned it off) and then Mandita and I watch some YouTube on her TV. We get to see some of the videos that she watches and I. Mandita and I got SUPER BORED WATCHING VIDEOS so we went down stairs to her parents room to play on their PS4 (PS: Her dad doesn't mind us playing on the PS4 down stairs to their room). Mandita teached me how to play the games on the PS4 because I don't have these at my house and I never play with them before. AGAIN we were playing with it for like 2 hours and then AGAIN BORED! so we turned it off and we were trying to sneak upstairs but it got a little out of hands because WE LAUGH TOO MUCH! so we decided to walk upstairs CASUAL.  OH I FORGOT we all had to drop Mandita's nana to the casino and she has a free hotel? (VEERRRRY LUCKY).

one million years later.......
Her mom came back and we went to the game place (Xtreme) and we had SO FUN! We played the game that there is a puck and you have to try and score it into the other persons hole, We play water the zombie (it means to kill the zombies but for real WE KILLED WITH REAL WATER, Hot), We played the clown game (where you have a ball and you throw it to the clowns), we play the car race, we play the button game (where you have to press so many buttons, I don't know if you understand), we play this game where we kill zombies with the gun something??? it's kinda like Fortnite but different.

Finally when we finished playing the games we got prizes (oh yeah it includes tickets, did you know that Mandita's mom got a JACKPOT so she got LOADS OF TICKETS) Mandita and I chose the sour spray (It wasn't that sour) and we chose the giggly slime. Then Mandita's mom and dad said that we are going out for ice cream (YAY!!!) I chose Pina Colada and Strawberry and also Mandita because I always trust her. Then we were super full and they took me home (NOOO) I wish I never go home (Sorry mommy and James) because they take me everywhere and FUN PLACES! wish I could have a sleepover but Mandita's mom is thinking about it though.

Thank you for reading my LONG LONG LONG SENTENCES about my holiday!
What did you do in the holidays???

bYe BYe
Sincerely Ina

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