Thursday, 21 June 2018

Cheese Description!

Kia Orana Katoa,
It's me INA! so today Parekowhai Class and I were doing a task about cheese. On Monday 18th June (I think?) We were experiencing some cheese and taste tasting them and see how we react or how we like it! we were eating cheese that came from different countries. My reaction to ALL OF THE CHEESE! THEY WERE GROSS because I am not a cheese lover and never will be. So all of us were doing some writing of how it taste/where would you get it/what country does it come from/how it feels. Here is my document on my Cheese Description.

See how you feel about when you see my description about the cheese! Would you eat it?
Anways! Thank you for reading my Cheese Description. See how you feel about the cheese. If you are a cheese lover maybe you can try one of these cheese in Countdown or New World. And if you are not a cheese lover (like me) umm.... do nothing? because I have nothing to say! (sorry)
Thank you for reading and comment if I need to do some editing on my blog post and make it MORE BETTER!
Blog Ya Later Alligators
Sincerely Ina

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