Wednesday, 23 May 2018

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom Quiz! (Also Welcome Back :) )

Hello Blogger World,
Welcome back, I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a long time because I had school work and stuff. So here is a post that I want to share with you all! I made this presentation that I created/made since like 3 weeks ago or maybe 2?. So I wonder if you guys want to try out my quiz and see if you like it or maybe!?.

So here is my quiz and here is the school logo, my title, who it was made. So try it out and see what you think about it. If you have ever heard of There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom... AWESOME!. But if you haven't that is good because maybe you may get to know some of the characters, some of the stories and more.

Did you like it?
Thank you for playing my quiz and hope you like it. I worked really hard with this at school/home. Give me some feed back of what should I put in my quiz and I will edit it and make it much better.
Blog Ya Later, Alligators.


  1. Hi Ina,

    I hope you can see this comment. I miss you so much and thanks for putting me in your slideshow (in the end :) that's so thoughtful! I really loved your quiz, it's very colorful and I think that that's really AmAZiNG! I really miss our class so make sure you tell them that ( if you want) :).... Thank you for posting Ina, I knew that you would post. Going to go and check our class blog and see how we are doing! Thank you so much Inangaro!!

    From Your Bestie,
    Shreya :)

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    2. Shreya,
      That is what friends are for! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Hope you are enjoying your new school! Do you have a new blog so I can follow you? ANYWAYS! Taylor said that she wanted me to say "I miss you Shreya" to you (I don't know why?) Also I putted our photo together on the background :)

      Inangaro <3