Monday, 20 November 2017

Athletics Day

Athletics Day

Kia Orana Everyone,

If you guys don't know what is Athletics Day is... it's a fun game when you do some activities. When you do something nice like worshiping your team or cheering for them you get a point. We did Athletics Day last week on Monday. Athlectics Day was at Hay Park School at the field. My team was Red and the others were Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red of course. My favorite activity have to be Tug Of War because there was Boy vs Girls and the girls won. There was kinda a little bit of girls like 7 or 5 and there was lots of boys like 10 or 9. The girls won because we have older girls from Room 9 and 8, *even room 6*. Our team did okay. We did good at every game but me. We were doing some high jumps and this is the funniest part. The pole got higher and higher so I ran and went underneath the pole even though I had to jump on top of the pole. Our team chant was this " Give me a R, R you got your R you got your R, give me a E, E you got your E you got your E, give me a D, D you got your D you got your D. What does that spell 'RED', who's gonna win "RED!", who is the best "RED!" , YOZA. Our leader was Ms Taua. Her quote was "Keep doing what you do and win"

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy and I know this is a lot of writing but hope you gusy still like it.

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