Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Māui and the Magic of Fire - Tonga Quiz

Malo Lelei people,

Yesterday we read this book called 'Māui and the Magic of Fire - Tonga' and the characters were Maui Kisi, Maui Motua and Maui Atalanga. It's a story in Tonga that their was a village called Koala and they don't have any fire and it was cold like winter (sorry if you are tongan).

I made a quiz with my friends Mandita and Kanishka and we had fun making this so we are HOPING you enjoy this quiz.

Also I forgot to tell you! HAPPY TONGAN LANGUAGE WEEK!!!!! It's that time of year, week and month that we celebrate cultures. So here is my quiz and hopefully you enjoy this. I wanna give credits to my best friend Mandita because she was the one that did the quiz when Kanishka and I doing our work.

If you wanna see the story here it is

Thanks for playing our quiz and we loved creating this.Also how did you think about the story? If you wanna see my class blog click here if you wanna see my friends blog here is the link and don't forget Kanishka
Are you Tongan?? I'm Cook Island/ Maori and Samoan
Ka kite ano
Sincerely Ina

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