Friday, 20 May 2016

Don't lie to people

Today I learned about lying and lying is about keeping your secrets and not telling other people that you did.You can't lie to people or you teacher might know and she will call the her parents.If you are at school and you tell lies to your teacher you might get a white slip and if you do it again you will go to time out and if you do it AGAIN!!! then your principal will call your parents.


  1. Hi I'm Aniya that is right that is right don't lie to anyone expectantly online.I really enjoyed reading this blog post because no one needs to lie but maybe next time you could put a picture of some one not lieing but anyway awesome work,great job!

  2. Hi Ina I also believe that you should not lie it is not good. I expressly do not think that you should not keep a big long lie.Like saying my dog can do a back flip and keep telling people. That because you can lose friends and be called lair.keep it up:) :) :)