Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cross Country Part 2

Hola Blogging world,

On Wednesday we had Cross Country AGAIN!!!.We always do Cross Country every Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday.We always get tired but our Principal Ms Campbell made us do it because we need to get fitness.We always need to do 2 laps everyday.But our teacher Ms Archer made us walk to the Keith hay park,park and walk to the Hockey goal and we need to run across Tri star Gymnastics and run all the way back.People had fun running and people didn't have fun running in Cross Country.

Here is a Link to my screencastify


  1. Hi Ina,
    I am from May Road School, and at May Road School we did cross country too and I would want to read more about cross country in your school I really like your blog.

    From Anastasia

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment and I hope you have fun doing Cross Country

  2. Hello
    We had cross country too.Some of us love cross country at our school do you? We do it only on Wednesday Thursdays and Monday.Oh and I really loved your description.

  3. Hello
    we all so had cross country we all get really tired and we go to cross country on Wednesday and Thursday and on Monday. I really like running it is really fun. I like how you said you did cross country Again!!!