Monday, 14 November 2016

Cybersmart Game

Kia orana Blogging world,

Today we were playing a game called Cyber smart game I know you have heard it when I did it about how to play Cyber smart Game.Even when you are playing Cyber smart you have to go down and there is two words that have Min (Minimum) and Max (Maximum).If you have pay Cyber smart game you have to have a  buddy and remember the link that I gave you and when you click on the Min you need to press 1 because it is a lower number and on Max you need to press 6 or 7 every kind of number you imagened except for 10 or a Higher Higher number.But if you are press 10 or 11 that means you are cheating in the game . 

Here is a document that I did on my Cyber smart game
I did SMRF because this is my favorite task    Link to my Task

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