Sunday, 8 October 2017

Who is Having a Great Holiday

Kia Fantastic Bloggers,

Ina here, who is having a great and awesome HOLIDAY!!!!! I know I am. I want to know what you guys did in the hoildays. Comment for what you guys did and I will reply the fabulous comment that you have posted. I am just writing this because I haven't been on my chromebook in a couple of days. So today I am blogging about the holidays that you guys did. 

SO in my holidays I went to the movies and watch the Emoji Movie. It was the best movie I have ever watched in my whole entire life ( that was in Wednesday 4 October). On Tuesday 3 October I just stay home and sleep all day because I was really busy doing some Cross Country and you CANNOT believe. When I was doing Cross Country the place was really big and it was a really big rounded circle tiring and so I just did 1 lap. Also for the rest of my hoildays my mum said I have to come with her and she said something about a church and we are going to stay there for 3 days because I Mama past away on Friday 6 October. It was really sad and my cousins and I cried super hard also my Aunties, Uncles, Mama and Papa's. 

That is all I can tell you guys and again comment what you are doing in the holidays. 
Have a great and fantastic holiday.

Ka kite anau

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  1. Hi Ina,
    I like your blog post about your holidays,can you please tell me more about your school holidays because I really want to know about it. I like how you said you watched the emoji movie.

    From your BFF Mandita